[Windows Themes Update] Microsoft Releases 4 New Themes “Southwest Sandstone”, “Futuristic Fractals”, “Garden Macros” and “Frost Macros” for Windows 7

NOTE: This topic is updated whenever Microsoft releases new official themes for Windows 7 or Windows 8. So keep checking this topic regularly to get instant updates.

Good news for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Microsoft has released 4 new themes "Southwest Sandstone", "Futuristic Fractals", "Garden Macros" and "Frost Macros" for Windows 7. Please note that all these official Windows 7 themepacks work perfectly in Windows 8 Developer Preview and Windows 8 Consumer Preview builds as well.

Southwest Sandstone Theme:

Rock formations that evoke alien landscapes and magnificently sculpted stone canyons, spires, and arches will bring the Southwest to you, no matter where you happen to live. This free Windows 7 theme features the photography of Duncan Lawler.

Download Theme

Futuristic Fractals Theme:

Bring unexplored dimensions to your desktop background with these images of mind-blowing intricacies—some mechanical, some ethereal, some seemingly colossal. The line between the natural and virtual worlds is beautifully blurred in this free theme for Windows 7 featuring artwork by Duncan Lawler.

Download Theme

Garden Macros Theme:

Nature's attention to detail is in stunning display in these incredible close-ups. A flower's reflection in a drop of dew, a tiny fern poised to unfurl, the intricate pattern of seeds across the surface of a dandelion. You see it all in a whole new way with this free theme for Windows 7 featuring the photos of Duncan Lawler.

Download Theme

Frost Macros Theme:

Everything in these photos by Duncan Lawler is coated in frost: leaves, reeds, blades of grass, all sheathed in an impossibly delicate crystalline veneer of ice. You'll be amazed (and want cocoa). A free theme for Windows 7.

Download Theme

Download the .themepack file, double-click on it and Windows will automatically install and apply it.
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