RealWorld Paint 2013.1: Free Image Editor and Alternative to Adobe Photoshop

RealWorld Paint is a lightweight, easy-to-use, freeware image/photo/animation editor. It can be used to create or edit computer images or animations, convert images to animations and back. RealWorld Paint can also be used for photo retouching.

Lean, mean and clean
RealWorld Paint installs or requires NO additional packages on your computer. No .net Framework, no adware, no spyware. It just works and on a wide range of Windows versions. RWPaint can use up to 4 cores of your modern multi-core processor to speed up drawing on a large canvas.

Modify your photographs

•With RealWorld Paint, you can resize, crop or cut out objects from photographs.
•Resize pictures (with correct gamma), convert file formats, draw custom borders or frames.
•Remove blemishes with the Clone tool.
•Crop pictures and remove perspective with the Crop tool.
•Change shapes with the Shapeshifter tool (Liquify in Photoshop's terms).

Make animations

•RealWorld Paint allows you to create simple animations like flashing buttons or animated forum avatars.
•Add new frames by dragging and dropping images from a file manager or via clipboard.
•Modify each frame as a normal layered image.
•Convert animations to filmstrips and vice versa.
•Built-in GIF optimizer without cryptic settings.

Use layers and styles

•Save time, maintain consistent look and feel, simplify future updates. That's what appropriate use of layer styles does for you.
•Use classic layer styles like bevel, shadow, fill, outline, or glow.
•Design your own layer style by combining any available image filter to achieve effects like automatic symmetry or kaleidoscope drawing.
•Save your favorite layer styles into your own personal style library (with previews). Download pre-made styles.

Photoshop, GIMP, compatibility

•You won't have to leave your old projects behind. RealWorld Paint can import and export native image files of other •popular image editors. Images are imported or exported with layers.
Photoshop's .psd files are imported with selected layer styles. Compatible layer styles are converted to RWPaint's native layer styles.
•RealWorld Paint also supports many standard image files like .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif and more.

Give it a try!
…and you will be pleasantly surprised. While the application looks simple, you will discover it goes deeper than an average freeware image editor after using it for a while. It is fast and responsive, capable of working with large images, it supports mouse gestures, can do gamma-aware blending, Photoshop plug-ins, and that’s just the beginning. And best of all: .net framework is NOT needed and the application is easily portable.

What's new in this version:

The major change in version 2013 is the support for vector layers. A objects placed in vector layer can be modified at any time and maintain sharpness when the image is resized.

Change list:

•Vector layers.
Shape tool for creating shapes from Bezier arcs.
•Image brush now respects active color if the pattern is momochrome.
•Polygon tool with configurable start shape.
•Out-of-canvas content supported for both vector and raster layers.
•Effects automatically remember up to 5 last configuration and allow you to return to them or to reset values to defaults.
•Color picker and fill style selector were merged and simplified.
•Redesigned tool configuration panels.
•Two-column window layout with Layers panel on the left side and a new Media panel on the right side.
•More types downloadable of media packs and easier application of downloaded styles.
Improved .psd import - vector masks are imported as vector layers.
•...and many minor improvements.

You can download it using following links:
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