GOM Remote, Control GOM Player From iPhone & Android

With millions of downloads, GOM Media Player for Windows is one of the better video players around. This free video player supports most of the popular video formats out there and also packs-in hundreds of features and options to enhance your video watching experience.
GOM Lab, the company behind GOM Player, has recently released a new app named GOM Remote for smartphones so that users can easily launch and control GOM Player right from their smartphones, without touching the keyboard or mice. In simple words, you can use GOM Remote app to control GOM Player running on a PC on the same network. Yes, the only thing you need to remember is that your PC and your phone must be on the same Wi-Fi network.
GOM Remote app is currently available for iOS and Android operating systems only. Windows Phone users may need to wait for a few more months to see GOM Remote app in the Store.

With GOM Remote app, you can perform the following operations:

•Run and close GOM Player
•Open new files
•Take snapshot of running video
•Mute the audio
•Quickly play/pause running video
•Change volume
•Minimize screen
•Switch to full screen
•Change aspect ratio
•Turn on/off subtitles
•Open and configure subtitle
•Control GOM Audio
•Control PowerPoint presentations
Installing and setting up the app is fairly simple. But in order to use GOM Remote to work with your PC, you need to install a small software named GOM Tray on your PC. GOM Tray is a free software and once installed, it will sit in the system tray area of the taskbar. GOM Tray provides the IP address and your PC’s pairing key that you will be asked to enter while connecting your smartphone to the PC.

Instructions to connect GOM Remote to your PC:

Step 1: Download and install GOM Tray tool on your PC. Once GOM Tray is installed and launched, it will display the pairing key number for your PC, the key that you need to enter on your smartphone in order to connect to the PC.

Note that you don’t need to write down or remember this key as you can always view this pairing key by hovering mouse cursor on GOM Tray icon running in system tray. 

Step 2: Visit iTunes Store from your iPhone or Google Play from Android powered smartphone and install GOM Remote app.

Step 3: Once GOM Remote is installed, launch the same. Tap New Connection, tap Input IP button, enter the IP address of your PC that you see when you hover mouse cursor on GOM Tray icon running in system tray and then tap Connect button.

Step 4: As soon as you tap the Connect button you will see a 4-digit code on your PC’s screen that you need to enter on your GOM Remote app. Enter the 4-digit code and tap Ok button to establish a connection to your PC. That’s it! GOM Remote will connect to your PC and you can now launch and control GOM Player from your phone. That’s it!
From next time onwards, to connect to your PC, simply tap Last Connection, tap Input Pairing Key, enter your PC’s pairing key and finally tap Connect button.

GOM Tray Download|(PC Client)
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