Create Android ringtones with Ringdroid

While you can select any music file on your Android device as a ringtone, you are limited to ringtones that start from the beginning of the file. If you happen to find a particular part of the file more suitable as a ringtone you are out of luck here as there is no option to select a different starting position for it.

Ringdroid is a free application for Android that helps you out in this case. It displays a list of music found on your Android device when you start it up. Once you have selected a song from the list you are taken to an editor where you can create the custom ringtone for your phone.

You can browse the music manually which is listed as a long list of songs, or use the search instead which I’d recommend to anyone with more than a hundred music files on the device.

The ringtone editor displays the audio stream prominently on the screen. You can play it right away to listen to it which may be useful if you need to find the best starting position for the ringtone. The two sliders on the stream are used to define the starting and end position of the ringtone.
You are free to decrease or increase the ringtones duration via drag and drop. You can alternatively use the start and end fields at the bottom of the page to select specific positions for the ringtone. A tap on the save icon at the top saves the new ringtone to your phone and you get an option right away to make it the new default ringtone of it. If you decide not to, you can select it just like any other ringtone under Settings > Sound > Device Ringtone.

A reset option is available if you want to start anew, and the left and right buttons on the screen let you jump right to the slider positions when you are in the editor.

Ringdroid is without doubt a convenient solution for Android device owners who want to create custom ringtones for their devices. It is completely free and easy to use, and the option to automatically make the new ringtone the default tone of the system is convenient as well.

Ringdroid On Google Play
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