NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro 2.7.7-Monitor ANY process that runs in the system

NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro is a powerful anti-executable software designed to alert an user every time an unknown process tries to run in the system. The program allows you to manage trusted applications allowed to run in your system, block untrusted applications and keep your PC safe from malware and trojans.

What's new in this version:

•Added buttons Allow and Block with drop-down menu in the alert dialog
•Optimized list of whitelisted commandline strings for x64 and x86 OS
•Changed file description of services to "NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro x64/x86 Service"
•Added option "Notify me when a new version is available"
•After Menu-Restore Default Settings action: "Close the balloon hints after" is set to 5 secs
•Fixed issue when exporting an empty list, when the settings are imported, the list is cleared correctly
•Added option "Check for Updates" in Help menu
•Created an auto-updater application used to automatically update to the latest version
•If user do not want to update to the new version, remind of the new version available everytime ERP is started
•When the main window is maximized and then closed, the window state is saved correctly
•Added option "Allow Microsoft Windows 8 Start Screen processes" to reduce popups in Windows 8 OS
•Optimized Settings window (removed icons, added Signed Files tab, optimized text, etc)
•Added new custom mode: "Lockdown Mode (Basic)" that is same as "Lockdown Mode" but it ignores the "Vulnerable Processes"
•Added new custom mode: "Lockdown Mode (Advanced)" that is same as the old "Lockdown Mode" but it will show an alert dialog for "Vulnerable Processes"
•Added new custom mode: "Lockdown Mode (Extreme)" that is same as "Lockdown Mode" but it will block "Vulnerable Processes"
•Added new custom mode: "Alert Mode" that is the default mode (alert when an unknown process is executed)
•Updated the tray icon popup menu with the new custom modes
•Removed the tab "Custom Modes" from the Settings window
•Renamed option "Custom Modes" to "Protection Modes" in tray icon
•Optimized the tab "Balloon Hints" in the Settings window
•Protection mode can be changed only from the tray icon
•Optimized saving of whitelists
•Added options to reset lists to default, export lists and import lists
•Added option "Search Hash on VirusTotal" on Quarantine, Blacklist and Whitelist RMB
•Fixed saving of whitelists items from the alert dialog
•Optimized auto-generated whitelist of system processes for Microsoft Windows 8.1 OS
•Optimized the configuration wizard
•Minor fixes and optimizations

You can download it using following link:
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