WinAero Screensavers Tweaker For Windows 8 & Windows 7

As some of you know, screensavers were initially developed to prevent the so called screen burning effect caused by non-moving text or graphics on CRT monitors. Even though modern displays such as LCDs aren’t prone to screen burning effect or phosphor burn-in, computer operating systems still ship with a bunch of screensavers and most of us use them as eye-candy.

Users who’re running Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 will know that these operating systems ship with some good screensavers. While some native screensavers let you change their default settings, for some unknown reason, Microsoft hasn’t included many settings under screensaver Settings dialog that can be accessed via Windows Registry.

Long time theenawingenuine users will know that there are a couple of good software out there to tweak the default screensaver settings in Vista and Windows 7. For instance, you can alter the default number of spheres and sphere radius in Bubbles screensaver with the help of a tweaking tool. Idle Time Edit and Rotate Screen Savers are the two useful utilities out there.
PC users who’re looking for a free screensaver tweaking tool with full support for Windows 8 can now download a tool named Screensaver Tweaker developed by WinAero, one of the leading free tweaking software developer for Windows. Screensaver Tweaker supports customizing Bubbles, Mystify, Ribbons, and Aurora screensavers. As you know, Aurora screensaver is part of Vista only and isn’t present in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

As the developer notes, the current version of Screensavers Tweaker sports a clean UI and supports live preview so that you can view the changes made to the screensaver before saving new tweaks.

Below are the tweaks available in the initial version of Screensaver Tweaker:

Bubbles screensaver:
# Change number of spheres and sphere radius
# Don’t use desktop as background
# Enable opaque bubbles
# Change turbulence octaves, speed and force

Mystify screensaver:
# Change number of lines
# Alter camera field view angle
# Increase/reduce line width

Aurora screensaver:
# Change the default number of layers
# Alter the default brightness, speed, and amplitude settings

Ribbons screensaver:
# Change number of ribbons and ribbon width
# Alter camera field view angle
# Enable/disable blur and fade effects

You don’t need to create a system restore point before changing the default settings of screen savers, as this tool lets you reset screensaver settings to their defaults with a click.

Screensavers Tweaker supports both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. The zip file of Screensavers Tweaker includes separate executable for x86 and x64 systems. Be sure to run the right one.

Download Screensavers Tweaker
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