Timely is the best-looking alarm clock you can get on Android

Timely Android App; The New Standard in App Development?

When it comes to alarm clocks, there isn’t much to say. They are one of the most practical and at the same time most reviled devices out there. Mobile phones and tablets give us the functionality of an alarm clock within their interface and there are also many apps available for that function. Though the main differences between most of them is the change of font and maybe different tunes or melodies to wake you up. Easily ignorable and pretty boring to be frank.

We imagine it must be very hard to break the mold in the market of such apps but Timely is one of the new additions to this arena that breaks this mold by being gorgeous and fun to use. Its interface will provide you with an interesting perception on alarm clocks and its flawless functionality makes it a standout.

When you start using the app, you won’t have to set the alarm by scrolling wheels or inputting digits on a screen but rather by choosing your desired time on a timeline which sits on the left side of the screen. There are also a number of other refreshing features onboard like Smart Rise; using which you can configure your Timely to start the alarm softly at a particular time and slowly start getting louder before the actual wake up time so that you don’t jolted out of sleep and instead wake up in a more natural pattern. You can also teach the device to rely on gestures which will make it realize that you are up and stop ringing and turn on snoozing by turning your device over, the duration of the snoozes can also be customized.
These are the alarm clock features, in addition to them there is also a stopwatch and timer in the app though they are nothing out of the ordinary except maybe more pleasant to look at due to the simply beautiful interface.

The Timely app also has synchronizing capabilities using which it can sync all your devices through the cloud so that when you set alarm on one of the devices, it is set on all your devices.

Timely has been received with astounding support almost universally, its almost a new standard in app development, which should be watched closely. I personally, haven’t seen an app, especially for a long time which has received such reviews right from launch.

All in all, Timely is a very refreshing take on a pretty boring concept and the app’s seamlessness make it an even more fun experience. It is available for free download on the Google Play store though you can upgrade to a premium version by paying a fee which will give you access to Timely’s customization themes. 

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