Search Now Lets Your Search Your Device Or The Internet From Anywhere [Android]

Have you ever wanted to search for something on your Android without leaving your current application? Then fret not, as Digital Life International has developed Search Now, a beautiful and extremely user friendly app that should make life a lot simpler for Android users who want to quickly search the web and their device. It enables you to search from anywhere on your smartphone and tablet without having to launch a separate application by placing a persistent floating search icon on top of your screen. You can tap on it and begin looking for your query right away on the internet, contacts, apps, bookmarks, media files, calendar and system settings.

Search Now has a lot to explore. Thanks to its snappy interface, the app is a pleasure to navigate. When installed, Search Now puts a magnifying glass like icon on the screen (as demonstrated in the screenshot on the left). This icon can be dragged to a different position so that it doesn’t get in your way. Tapping on it opens up the main search area where you can type your desired query and hit return to retrieve results you need.
The best bit about Search Now is it’s super fast indexing ability which means the results begin pouring in the moment you start tying. It also gives real time suggestions related to the query and supports popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Baidu. Additionally, it can search within Google Maps, Play Store, and YouTube for you. The app is also able to search your device, for example, contacts, installed apps and calendar etc., meaning it’s a one stop shop for searching across both the internet and content already in your phone.
Users who don’t mind placing widgets on their home screen can take advantage of Search Now’s widget which can be placed on both the home screen and/or lock screen. It comprises of a simple search bar tapping on which brings up the main interface.

The Settings screen of Search Now enables you to specify default search engine, search sources from your device and toggle a few generic options. Furthermore, you can modify the size and transparency of the floating icon itself.
In a nutshell, Search Now is a brilliant Android app that makes searching your device a breeze. According to the developer, an upcoming version will bring Voice Search and Google Translate capabilities to the app.

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