ReHIPS 1.2.0- An HIPS/Sandbox without kernel Hooks

ReHIPS is an innovative Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) that protects your computer from malware and doesn't require frequent updates.

Windows meets the requirements of C2-level security of the U.S. Department of Defense, it already has all the necessary mechanisms to provide access control. ReHIPS takes advantage of these built-in mechanisms and operates in a restrictive manner (if it is not explicitly allowed, block it). It executes every restricted application in the isolated environment (ReHIPS mode) with its own set of rights. Even if this application is compromised, your operating system stays protected and secure.

ReHIPS doesn't detect malware. Instead it uses Windows built-in access control mechanisms to ensure system safety and data security. Thus ReHIPS is always actual and doesn't require frequent updates. Unlike some other sandboxes ReHIPS doesn't use kernel-mode hooks, splicing and other unsafe rootkit-techniques. It is based on documented Windows security mechanisms ensuring system stability. ReHIPS provides reliable protection and compatibility with actual Windows versions.


•DeployHelper was improved, MSI support was added
•keyboard layout indicators were added on separate desktops
•ReHIPS kernel and GUI were refactored and improved
•RulesPack was refactored and extended

You can download it using following link:
Download: ReHIPS 1.2.0 | 14.4 MB (Freeware)

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