Tribler 6.3.3-Find, enjoy, share, and consume the contents.

Tribler is a free BitTorrent client that might be virtually shutdown-proof. The user interface of Tribler is very basic and focused on ease of use, instead of including features. Tribler features include: video-only searching, experimental video streaming, and an integrated video player. Tribler is a social application. The name Tribler stems from the word Tribe, referring to the usage of social networks in this P2P client. This means you can make friends with other users and you can show to everyone what you like and dislike. And by sharing your content you also help other Tribler users to enjoy their favorite content.

Developed by a team of researchers at Delft University of Technology, the main goal is to come up with a robust implementation of BitTorrent that doesn’t rely on central servers. Instead, Tribler is designed to keep BitTorrent alive, even when all torrent search engines, indexes and trackers are pulled offline.

In short Tribler is the evolution of P2P technology building on but also going beyond the successful BitTorrent protocol.

Tribler is testing anonymous downloading. Bittorrent is fast, but has no privacy. Real anonymous Internet access is offered by the (slow) Tor network. Tribler now includes support for a subset of the TOR onion routing protocol.

Changes since last version:

•A year of bug fixing, polishing and performance tweaking
•towards anonymous streaming
•Tor-like anonymous tunnel building, based on UDP
•Support for Cell,Create,Extend, and Ping Tor protocol messages
•Diffie-Hellman session key exchange
•Real-time crawler for bandwidth performance (inspired by
•decentralised directory service for Tor-like routers
•automatic anonymous 50MByte test download using new Tor-like protocol
•no general anonymous downloads yet, trial-only
•thumbnail navigation
•single-click streaming from main screen
•channels can now optionally be browsed by thumbnails
•Youtube-like GUI composed of user-generated images
•Prepares the way for remote control navigation & operation
•complete rewrite of the elastic database engine (the dispersy overlay)
•use of Twisted frameworks instead of our custom event-handlers
•less reliance on master bootstrap servers (new discovery community)
•improvements in NAT puncturing efficiency
•faster data synchronisation between Tribler peers
•dropped support for Mac models from 2008, due to Python support issues

You can download it using following link:
Download: Tribler 6.3.3 | 49.2 MB (Open Source)

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