Lazy Swipe-Find apps easily on your home screen with a simple swipe of the screen

Google Play Store is filled with all sorts of interesting apps and games that people can play and enjoy. Many people installed a bunch of apps on their phones and when they need them the most, it takes a while to find them in the drawer or even on screens. Sure, you can use Google Now to find them but not all devices support the app. Lazy Swipe is an alternative, as it provides quick access to your most frequent and recently installed apps.
Sleek interface with plenty of instructions

As the name depicts, the app is for users who don't have the time or simply don't wish to be bothered to open the drawer and find apps that they need at a certain time of the day. Lazy Swipe has a neat interface with plenty of instructions, but you'll first need to go through the initial setup before using the app.

You'll need to provide Lazy Swipe access to usage stats, so it can gather information on the apps that you use the most and the one's you've recently installed on the device. Still the app is highly customizable, with the option of choosing which apps you'd like it to display.

Customize the app to your preferences

Swipe the screen and have the app launch with a neat animation that lets you access the basic settings on your phone, apps that you use the most and the ones you've recently installed. You can have the app open the launcher and all apps when a swipe is performed or just certain applications.

There's also the option of excluding certain apps while boosting, choose from a list of all apps installed on your phone. Choose the trigger area position, it can be on the bottom left or right of your screen, middle left or right and all at the same time, in order to have full access.

Gain easy access to your apps
There's also the option of filtering notifications, you can get alerts only from certain apps installed on the device. It gives you access to your camera, bluetooth, WiFi, screen brightness and even flashlight.

Still, the app has some shortcomings, the interface is non-responsive at times which may be annoying and you'll find yourself swiping the screen many times until the drawer launches. But it is a cute and rather useful app, especially if you tend to install and use lots of applications on your phone.Android 4.0 or higher is required.

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