Hadouken 5.2-a faster, smarter and better Torrent client

Hadouken is a fast and quite minimalistic BitTorrent client. One of the simplest and smallest BitTorrent clients that you could ever find. Hadouken runs as a native Windows Service and can be managed through the embedded web interface which is bundled with the installer. The web interface is accessible on http://localhost:7070/gui/index.html after installation (adjust the port accordingly).

Hadouken features:

•A powerful embedded web interface.
•Highly configurable, a single JSON text file to configure all aspects of Hadouken.
•Low memory footprint making it ideal for low-powered devices such as the Raspberry Pi.
•JSONRPC API over HTTP giving third-party developers complete freedom to integrate Hadouken with any kind of system.
•Automatically monitor directories for torrent files and add them based on regular expression matching, giving powerful abilities for sorting and tagging torrents.
•Advanced RSS feed monitoring capabilities making subscribing to various feeds a breeze.
•Move completed torrents matching specific regular expressions or having the correct set of tags.
•Send push notifications to your devices via Pushbullet or Pushover.
•Launch executables on various events, such as when a torrent finishes.
•A powerful JavaScript API making it easy to customize and extend Hadouken with plugins.
•Unattended installations to give domain administrators the ability to set up Hadouken clusters with ease.

What's new in Hadouken 5.2:


•The web interface now supports editing the default download directory as well as adding additional download directories.
•Added a few advanced settings. Unsure about which settings to expose, so if you have a suggestion, open an issue.
•Enable/disable UTP.
•Added a basic autolabelling plugin which can set labels on torrents based on their name/tracker.
•Added label-support for AutoAdd and AutoMove.
•Debian/Ubuntu packages are now emitted when building on Linux which means Hadouken is just a dpkg -i command away. See the installation instructions for more information.
•Requesting the HTTP root path (/) will now redirect to the correct GUI path.


•Download- and upload rates where switched in the UI.
•Global connections limit was not saved.
•The Windows Service now responds to system reboot/shutdown and correctly saves its state.
•Force checking paused unmanaged torrents should now run the check and then return them to a paused state.

Other mentionables

•Hadouken now compiles with C++11 which means the latest GCC on Ubuntu will do.
•Travis builds now has pre-compiled libtorrent binaries available which means faster Travis builds.

You can download it using following link:
Download: Hadouken 5.2 | 5.1 MB (Open Source)

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