AlomWare Reset 2.50-Reboot your PC in 10 seconds.

Rebooting your PC can be a time-consuming and annoying affair. Did you know that rebooting is only actually needed after a software install or system update? There's no need to suffer it just to freshen your PC's state, or to fix a crashed app that is wasting your PC's resources.

With one click, AlomWare Reset will automatically close all open windows and apps, free up and optimize your PC's memory, terminate non-system processes, and set up your PC as though it were freshly booted - and all in around 10 seconds or less.

A secondary feature of AlomWare Reset is a "snapshot" function that remembers every app, window, and process running on your PC. After you take a snapshot, you can run new additional apps and processes temporarily, and then close and/or kill these automatically with just one click by restoring the snapshot. Cool!

AlomWare Reset can be used by anyone! It can even run a batch file or executable after resetting, which is perfect for gamers who want to launch their games in a clean-slate environment; or for more serious use, you could set the Windows Task Scheduler to run AlomWare Reset at a specific time of day to reset your PC and auto-run a maintenance tool in one step.

You can download it using following link:
Download: AlomWare Reset 2.50 | 844 KB (Shareware)

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