FileMenu Tools 7.0.4--Customize and add several tools to the context menu of Windows Explorer

FileMenu Tools lets you customize the context (right-click) menu of Windows Explorer. The application adds built-in utilities to perform operations on files and folders and adds customized commands that let users run external applications, copy/move to a specific folder or delete specific file types. With FileMenu Tools, you also can customize the "Send to..." submenu and enable/disable context-menu commands added by other applications.

Main features:

•Add some built-in utilities that perform operations on files and folders. Theese utilities are explained below in more detail
•Add custom commands which run a specific action. The possible actions are the following:
•Run external applications
•Copy/move to a specific folder
•Delete specific file types
•Send the selected files as attachment to e-mail recipient(s)
•Rename the selected files by using a set of rules
•Configure the "Send to..." submenu
•Enable/disable commands which are added by other applications to the context menu

Changes in FileMenu Tools 7.0.4:

•Fixed bug in Calculate and Verify Checksums: CRC32 checksum was not generated correctly.
•Fixed bug: sometimes the separators was not displayed in the context menu.
•Fixed bug: in Windows 7 with the classic theme the submenu Attributes was not displayed correctly.
•Fixed bug: custom commands could not be enabled/disabled.

You can download it using following link:
Download: FileMenu Tools 7.0.4 | 10.0 MB (Freeware)

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