RogueKiller V12.0.1(x86/x64)-Remove rogue security software and malicious processes, rootkits and more

RogueKiller is an anti-malware program written in C++ and able to detect and remove generic malwares and some advanced threats such as rootkits, rogues, worms, …

Based on generic ways to find malwares by their behaviour (heuristics), on classic anti-malware analysis (signature finding) and on undocumented hacks, RogueKiller can find/remove most of the basic malwares (rogues, trojans, …) and some advanced threats like ZeroAccess or TDSS that behave more like rootkits.

RogueKiller is a tiny anti-malware maintained by a small team, and thus new detections are based on “most spread threats“. We react quickly to integrate detection and removal of what we think can be a global threat and affect a big amount of users across the world.


•Kill malicious processes
•Stop malicious services
•Unload malicious DLLs from processes
•Find/Kill malicious hidden processes
•Find and remove malicious autostart entries, including: Registry keys (RUN/RUNONCE, …), Tasks •Scheduler (1.0/2.0) and Startup folders
•Find and remove registry hijacks, including: Shell and Load entries, Extension association hijacks, •DLL hijacks and many others
•Read / Fix DNS Hijacks (DNS Fix button)
•Read / Fix Proxy Hijacks (Proxy Fix button)
•Read / Fix Hosts Hijacks (Hosts Fix button)
•Restore shortcuts / files hidden by rogues of type “Fake HDD“
•Read / Fix malicious Master Boot Record (MBR), even hidden behind rootkit
•List / Fix SSDT – Shadow SSDT – IRP Hooks (Even with inline hooks)
•Find and restore system files patched / faked by a rootkit

What's New V12.0.1-
- New user interface
- Added detections

You can download it using following link:
Download RogueKiller  (32-bit) |(18.57 Mb)
Download RogueKiller  (64-bit) |(22.5MB)
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