Google Allo: a sort-of smart messaging app

Google Allo, the second of Google's two new messaging apps, has just hit five million downloads in the Google Play Store. All the anticipation for Allo (let's forget about the subsequent letdown for now) has made its download numbers soar. However, the aforementioned letdown is quite apparent in its current ranking in the Play Store; while Allo sat at #1 in Top Charts just five days ago, it's since fallen to #8.

This quick growth and decline is not unlike that of its sibling, Google Duo. Duo hit #1 in the Google Play Store only two days after its initial rollout began, and accumulated five million downloads in nine days. In comparison, Allo also rose to #1 in the Play Store in two days, but took just seven days for its downloads figure to reach five million.

The similarities in download trends don't end there; while Duo attained five million downloads in two days, by the time it'd reached ten million, it had fallen to #127 in Top Charts. Allo hasn't been out for nearly as long as Duo has, but considering the criticisms it's garnered and the fact that it's already fallen from first to eighth in just five days, its future rankings don't look too good.

Google Allo is available now for Android and iOS.

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