Blackbird V6 0.9.98-Windows privacy, security and performance Tool

Blackbird was designed to alleviate spending hours on tweaking your privacy settings by using some known and less-known techniques to fully disarm Windows without leaving behind even the smallest possible footprint.

There are other tools that claim to block Windows spying but they are cumbersome to use and not as powerful or are limited in scope. So the author took Windows apart, piece by piece, analyzed web traffic, system calls, file changes,etc., compared different configurations, designed and built a stand-alone tool and spent hundreds of hours on beta testing so anyone can use it and it gets the job done right. 

Block Windows spyware, on both the application and network level, with dynamic filtering and without editing the HOSTS file or firewall settings as well as preventing diagnostic, password, contact, URL, SMS, handwriting, location, and P2P-update sharing.


- Disables OneDrive
- Disables Cortana
- Disables Bing-integration
- Disables Wi-Fi Sense
- Disables system-wide Windows/Office Telemetry on any Windows version
- Disables all Diagnostic-tracking / CEIP / Telemetry / Compatibility services, tasks and agents
- Disables web content evaluation / URL check-in ("SmartScreen")
- Disables Windows Media Online DRM
- Disables Windows P2P Update sharing
- Disables all AutoLoggers
- Disables Start menu ads
- Disables Windows Error Reporting
- Disables Xbox Live services
- Prevents cross-device synchronization
- Prevents all location/contacts/handwritting/password sharing
- Prevents device meta-data collection
- Patches various data-leaks (IE/EDGE/Defender/Explorer/MRT)
- Removes Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA)
- Removes your unique Ad-ID tracking token and disables further Windows advertising profiling
- Removes GWX and all Windows 10 Upgrade triggers, icons, messages and other nagging
- Removes Windows 10 Upgrade setup files on Windows 7/8
- Removes a bunch of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 telemetry updates
- Blocks 150+ different tracking/telemetry/ad servers (supports IPv6/IPv4, Wifi/Eth, custom lists)
- Bonus blocks (some) Youtube, Skype, Facebook ads

v0.9.98 - Latest

- Added a switch to fix LAN connectivity problems after running Blackbird v0.9.97 or later (blackbird -l)
- Fixed Recovery mode not properly restoring some registry keys
- Fixed startup scanner sometimes not detecting autologgers as disabled
- Fixed most used apps not displaying in start menu after using Blackbird on older Windows 10 versions
- Fixed Blackbird 32bit version inconsistencies (reupload)

*Note: Some anti-virus products may detect Blackbird as malware. We assure you it's a false-positive; Blackbird does nothing that is not clearly advertised, leaves no files behind, and can be safely deleted after usage.

You can download it using following link:
Download Blackbird V6 (64bit )
Download Blackbird V6  (32bit)
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